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Get Discovered

Increase marketplace visibility, converting more sales and gaining shopper recognition.

Be Memorable

Express a simple and cohesive brand message that customers won’t forget.

Build Credibility

Professional listings give potential customers a reason to trust your products.


Optimized Listings Boost Product Visibility & Increase Sales

At SellerOptimize we provide a comprehensive listing optimization service personally tailored to your products, your brand, and your story.

We approach every client differently because no two companies are the same. We’re not here to play the part of disinterested, corporate robot. If we’re not as invested in your product as you are, then we’re not doing our job.

SellerOptimize is here to help


We’ve bottled up tried and true methods of increasing online sales and we’re unleashing them on your product listings.

What Optimized Listings do for you

We combine exhaustive research with thoughtful copywriting and informed keyword management to give your listings a powerful and professional upgrade.

Renovate your brand

Do you change your own tires or do you take them to a professional? You shouldn’t have to spend your days locked in data entry, navigating Amazon’s fine print or agonizing over keywords and SEO. Your time could be better spent designing new products, planning the future of your company, or just simply relaxing. 

Stay Informed

We don’t keep secrets. Our goal is to make you a confident, effective seller. Your success is our success. We’ll share our research and analysis, tips and tricks, and detailed action plans so you never have to guess your next move.

Convert visitors into customers

We live in an online market that is first come, first serve. The products that rise to the top survive. We tailor our research and analytics to your specific market, combining high ranking keywords with delicately crafted language to boost your visibility across all platforms.

100% Uptime

Online markets make you jump through tons of hoops just to post your products. There are content requirements, banned phrases and words, formatting regulations, and any one of these can result in your listing going offline. Using our techniques your listings will see the maximum SEO benefit while remaining 100% compliant with all the platforms you choose to sell on.

Amazon SEO (Listing Optimization) Pricing

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Amazon Basic

  • 1 Product
  • In-depth market and keyword research
  • Keyword rich title
  • Compelling bullets
  • HTML formatted description
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Amazon EBC

  • 1 Product
  • In-depth market and keyword research
  • Keyword rich headings
  • Compelling section copy
  • EBC A+ Content – Product photography, graphics, and copy
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Amazon Bulk

  • Tell us about your Amazon products and how many you want Optimized
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Common Questions

How does SellerOptimize know which keywords to inject into my listing?

SellerOptimize conducts extensive market research, analyzes competitor listings, and uses other Amazon approved methods to gather the most relevant and effective keywords to then inject into your listing copy. 

Will I show up on page 1 after the listing is optimized? 

It depends. Most markets are very competitive, and it takes more than one change to get to the top. Getting to page 1 takes the right combo of optimization, paid advertising, and reviews to build momentum on Amazon. We suggest starting with Optimization, so the foundation of your listing is solid. A solid foundation is the most important factor in getting to page 1. 

When will the keywords take effect?

After we publish the final approved listing, it could take anywhere from a few moments to a few hours for the keywords to be completely indexed. 

Why should I use SellerOptimize to craft my listing when I can write it myself? 

As Amazon becomes more and more competitive, you must do everything possible to get an edge. Your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t get caught up in the weeds. Think of it this way, while you could be capable of changing the oil in your car, chances are you don’t. This is because you know it will save you time, its worth the money, and the job will be done correctly the first time. Take advantage of our expertise and get ahead of the competition quicker. 


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