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Keyword Research

The most relevant Amazon keywords being searched by your customers right NOW.

Input your keyword of interest and get a real time list of the top searched / suggested results from the Amazon Search Bar. Need to gather more info on a different term? Search again, save and download a (CSV) combined list of the terms you select.

Market Research

Assess a product market in less than 1 minute.

Search your market of interest to see the top listings, their rank, pricing (high, low, and average), the number of reviews needed to compete, the best category for the item, and if most sellers in the space are FBA or Vendors.



Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the top selling products in a space.

Using the Compare tool, see a breakdown of all the elements on an Amazon listing. Easily compare products images, titles, bullets, EBC, etc. in one place. On the same page, jot down notes for later.


Need to keep any eye on the ranking of your products or that of your competitors? No problem!

Track the ranking of your products or competitors using the Ranking tool. Simply search for the product(s) and add them to a rank tracking group. Receive a weekly ranking update via email so you are always aware of how products are performing.


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