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The staff at Pparadox started out exactly where you did, at the beginning. We began selling our products on Amazon five years ago. Learned everything the hard way--through trial and error.

We have explored every nook and cranny, made every mistake and tested every strategy. It’s given us a comprehensive understanding of the Amazon marketplace and how to get the most out of a product.

By choosing Pparadox, you are choosing a group of people who have stood exactly where you are now and found the path to success. We treat every business as our own and put everything we've got into making it successful.

Why Advertise on Amazon?

Amazon PPC advertising is the #1 way to boost the sales of your existing products and ensure their success. Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ads will appear above even the best organically ranked products out there.

We offer a combination of human and software-based advertising management with a proven track record. Our optimized ad campaigns focus on improving ROI, increasing overall sales across all products, and building you a bigger audience.


What We Offer


PPC Campaign Setup

Adaptable Amazon ad campaigns for your entire catalogue, using a combination of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Product Display ads. We create campaigns for any new products that you launch.


PPC Campaign Optimization

We offer ongoing daily account management that includes manual bid optimization, targeted ACOS, and proprietary software to monitor accounts 24/7. You will receive a monthly report on the status and performance of your account.

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Unlimited Consulting

Feel free to send an email with your Amazon related questions or concerns and we will be happy to get back to you within 24 hours. Additional in-depth consulting that requires a phone call, strategy session, or business plan is available at an hourly rate.

Pay as you go.
No long term contracts.
Cancel anytime.


We don’t apply a One-Size-Fits-All plan to your brand and product. Together, we will develop a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.
We’ll take the time to understand your products, your short and long-term goals. Together, we will find success.
You’ll always work with us one on one and receive consistent, detailed updates along the way. You will be up to date on what we’ve been doing and what’s coming next.
We also provide you with research, show you our tools, and give you recommendations for the future, often in the form of personalized videos!

What our customers are saying...

Matt is a true professional, he does exactly what he says he will do and will do so punctually. He even makes personalized videos to help get his point across easily, even for a layman. Highly recommended. 

- Ted K. from HID

SO is very responsive and excellent communicators. I'm often intimidated by tech talk and worried it will be over my head. Matthew makes simple to understand personal videos for everything.


Matthew is easy to work with and always exceeds my expectation in his work. He pays attention to the details, cares about his work, AND is successful in what he does.

-Deborah from Echo Art Bindery

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