About Us

Our Story

SellerOptimize was born out of the need for a simple, efficient, and tech-focused approach to ecommerce advertising and management services.

After selling on Amazon for over 7 years, Matt Gallisa founded SellerOptimize to share his in-depth expertise and domain knowledge with other businesses and brands.

We have grown into a small team of young, passionate, and tech-savvy Amazon optimization specialists, bringing skills and expertise from a wide range of backgrounds.

Innovation, evolution, and efficiency are our core values. We combine intelligent software intervention with well-tested, human-designed processes to deliver the greatest possible value to our customers.

Why we are different

  1. We think long term
  2. We focus on profit over time
  3. Our processes are plug and play
  4. Expert / Personalized management

Super Efficient

We don't waste resources or time

Deeply Commited

Your success and happiness is our priority

Highly Skilled

We have built and grown businesses ourseleves

Mateo Gallisa

Femi Thompson

Courtney Duskin